L’incroyable vie d’un sac plastique migrateur

The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary oar Jeremy Konner

Dans cette parodie de documentaire animalier, découvrez le cycle de vie d’une espèce bien particulière, le sac plastique. Du supermarché jusqu’à l’océan Pacifique, son parcours est semé d’embûches.

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    • Lisa

    Again pastic bags all around the ocean in the world !!!
    Again, again, again, plastic bags and every things about gasoil ,petroleum fossiles !!!! Say, no, no, no, it’s the ending and finishing edges of this fossile energy on all these manners,on earth planet.
    Respect nature and all habits avery where you live and you travel on the surface. Don’t used what you don’t need, only what it’s necessary for you and your family : ask the the tribals amerindians people from the North and the South of America……. The climate will say thank’s to all for the life all around the world. Human,vegetals,animals,minerals and air, fresh and clean, pure and transparency of the light from far away for the deep space and respire. You need show this video all around the word and every schools and pupils, students and teachers, as you could.