L’autopartage se veut une forme citoyenne de location de véhicule. À Lille, plus de 600 personnes ont déjà souscrit un abonnement à « Lilas ». Le principe : elles peuvent réserver une des voitures à la station la plus proche selon leurs besoins (aller faire des courses, partir en week-end…) et s’engagent à la rapporter à une heure fixée à l’avance afin qu’un autre usager puisse s’en servir. Une voiture passe ainsi entre les mains de 5 à 7 clients chaque jour. Si ce système connaît un succès suffisant, il permettra de réduire drastiquement le nombre de voitures individuelles, réduire leurs coûts et l’occupation des places de stationnement.

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    • Rita Glynn

    Home the movie
    I have just seen the film ‘home’ afterwards I could feel a scream inside of me saying « we’ve got to do something, why doesn’t someone do something » Then I reaslised ‘I’ had to do something! If we all said something needs to be done and leaves it at that, nothing gets done! I have a wonderful grandson, I want a beautiful world still to be here when he grows up, and all the other small children and grandchildren, we’ve got to take care of them and make sure they don’t come to any harm, isn’t that the responsibility of all parents and grandparents? global warming isn’t the reason why our planet is facing catastrophy, it’s just the symptom of our mistakes and ignorance, WE got us into this mess, so it’s up to us to make sure its not our kids and grandkids who are at the receiving end of THIS MESS . I Have’nt got the answeres, but if it takes all that amount of grain and water to feed factory livestock, then it makes sense to either only eat meat fed on green pasture (organic) or not eat it at all, the same for fish, I eat it 3 times a week, I’m sure if millions of us who have access to other protiens cut it down or out, the fish stocks would have time to multiply, we could eat more seeds, (sprouted have lots more goodness I’m told) and nuts, as well as growing our own organic fruit and vegetables, NO MORE CHEMICALLS TO HARM US OR THE EARTH.No more buying flowers from the dryer parts of the world, we are just importing their drinking water! If your responce is, I’m not changing my diet for anyone, then it’s your children and grandchildren who you are harming. There is a law of supply and demand, think next time you make a meal or go shopping, how can we be more children friendly? In the UK our most healthy diet was during and just after the second world war, most food was on ration, it had been worked out how much of everything was a healthy amount to eat, WHAT ON EARTH HAVE WE DONE TO OUR BODIES SINCE THEN? and not just our bodies WHAT ON EARTH HAVE WE DONE TO OUR EARTH IN OUR GREED NOT NEED?
    My friends and I are retirement age, we have started to do more adventurouse things with our lives adopting the motto « If not now when? » The same could be said for making environmental changes in our lives, I don’t want to be saying « I wish I had » in another 10 years. I would love others to share their solutions no matter how small, WE’VE GOT TO START SOMEWHERE, NOW.


    After seeing the film ‘home the movie’ I feel the need to ‘do something’ I am a member of Transition Town Forres, the Transition Town movement is spreading all over the world, google it.
    I understand the reason for transition towns are to prepare for when the oil, gas and coal run out, to start now, not leave it until it is too late. They promote growing our own food organically, so reducing food miles and shopping and supporting local busnesses. Also keeping old traditions alive, like knitting and sewing our own clothes, simple DIY jobs, repairing instead of throwing out, making nutricious meals from scratch, and not just buying ready made ones etc., If there isn’t a Transition Town near you, start one, there is a manual and lots of info on the web, it creats friendship and promotes communities, and best of all ‘something starts to get done’

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