Tickling slow loris

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Tickling slow loris

Tickling slow loris. © littlefireface

Slow loris researcher Professor Anna Nekaris visits the illegal wildlife markets in Java Indonesia to see if the protected slow loris is for sale. Please remember even the best zoos find it difficult to breed lorises in captivity, and hardly any zoos hold lorises world-wide. ‘Pet shops’ in Japan, Russia and Poland claiming to sell lorises in nurseries almost inevitable obtain them smuggled from markets like this one.

So when you watch ‘Loris with Umbrella,’ ‘Tickling Slow Loris,’ or ‘Slow Loris Eating Sticky Rice,’ remember that thousands of animals died for that single animal to be filmed. Remember that even the best zoos have difficulty keeping lorises alive. Remember you are seeing a few seconds of video. Please don’t support the illegal wildlife trade. All lorises are threatened with extinction in the wild.

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