Himalayan Meltdown

Himalayan Meltdown

Himalayan Meltdown, Gary Dikeos The Himalaya is made of 55,000 glaciers that contain 40% of the world’s fresh water and form the source region of 7 of Asia’s greatest rivers. However, it appears that the Himalayan glacial ice are slowly

Ecotourism in Nepal

The Annapurnas national park, created in Nepal in 1986 is a natural park which has been set up to reduce the effects of tourism. Today, the 1 500 refuges are powered by solar or hydraulic energy for lighting as well

Development in Nepal, a real business

Formation Carpets is a traditional carpets company set up in 1992 by Sulo Shah, a Nepalese woman with a degree in Mathematics. Her company stands out by forbidding child labour (a practice which is widespread in this sector). It has

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