Light on Burkina-Faso’s countryside

Electricity has not yet reached all countrysides. In Burkina Faso, the electrification rate is only 10 %. To give a larger number of people access to electricity, the World Energy Fund and the Réseau des Caisses Populaires du Burkina-Faso have


Since the 1980s, the engineer Pierre Rabhi has been developing agroecology in very poor rural areas in Burkina Faso. This technique improves the soil’s productivity. A natural compost made with manure, clay, organic material and bones covered with straw [...]

More girls at school!

Since 2002, Unicef has set up a schooling program for girls in 25 priority countries. In Afghanistan, since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, more than 3 million children have gone (back) to school. Remedial lessons have been made

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