150 guests at a wedding and the ensuing honeymoon produce an average of 15 tons of CO2.

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Province Buenos Aires - Maison

Buenos Aires Province – “Te Amo” house near Mar del Plata – Argentina © ALTITUDE/Arthus-Bertrand Yann

In spite of the time spent planning a wedding, people do not often think about the effect it has on the environment. However, these effects should not be overlooked considering the guests’ travel, the food, the flowers which often come from the tropics and the waste, as well as all the things that are bought solely for the event. A wedding alone accounts for double the amount of a French person’s annual greenhouse gas emissions (about 7 tons of CO2 a year).

Most of this comes from transport. Firstly, there is the honeymoon plane ticket which is often for a faraway idyllic island. There is also the guests’ travel (if they travel by plane, this sends the figures through the roof) and the transport of the food. This is why choosing somewhere that is easy to get to for the guests, and as close as possible, is the best way of producing less CO2. For the buffet, it is also a good idea to buy local products and use wines from the region.

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