82% of bluefin tuna disappeared in the Western atlantic between 1970 and 2007.

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Bateau de pêche près d’Athènes – Grèce © ALTITUDE/Arthus-Bertrand Yann

Bluefin tuna is under the threat of extinction in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean due to overfishing. However, it is not protected.

Bluefin tuna is a luxury fish. The best types of this fish weigh over 200 kilos and are worth a lot of money. One was sold for 122 000 euros in Japan! Moreover, the Archipelago imports the most bluefin tuna: it buys about 80 % of the Mediterranean’s fishing catch.

A taste for sushi and sashimi, which is also developing in France and Europe, is a threat to this fish: two thirds of animals disappeared from the Mediterranean between 1957 and 2007 and 82% disappeared from the Western Atlantic between 1970 and 2007.

To protect them, several countries, including France, asked for the bluefin tuna to be added to a convention that controls its sales and would therefore reduce fishing: the CITES. Unfortunately, Japan and some allied countries managed to prevent all such measures during the final conference of the convention, in March, in Doha, in Qatar.

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