50 % of phosphates that are washed into French waters come from household cleaning products.

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Station d'épuration de La Frette sur Seine 95530 - Val d'Oise (95) © ALTITUDE/Arthus-Bertrand Yann

La Frette sur Seine Wastewater treatment plant 95530 – Val d’Oise (95) © ALTITUDE/Arthus-Bertrand Yann

Multi-purpose cleaning products, washing powder, washing-up liquid, limescale remover, grease removal products… Most household products contain chemicals that can have harmful effects on health (pulmonary problems, hormonal disorders …). These detergents which often contain surfactants – to dissolve without scrubbing – are also very dangerous for the environment. They are taken away by pipes (solvents, chlorinated bleaching agents …), are washed into the domestic wastewater treatment network and alter the treatment process. Sometimes these substances – like phosphates in detergents which have anti-limescale and anti-deposit functions – are directly washed into nature and they change and degrade aquatic environments. This a real threat to ecosystems and human health.

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