BNP Paribas

BNP is the largest bank in the Euro zone through its share capital and the 5th largest bank in the world. The group has 169 000 partners in 85 countries: 130 000 in Europe, of which 19 7000 are in Italy and 64 100 are in France and French Overseas Departments and Territories; 15 000 are in North America and 9 800 are in Asia


Accenture is an international management consulting and information technology company. It has over 180 000 partners located in 49 countries, and it had a turnover of 19.70 billion dollars for the tax year which ended on August 31, 2007.

Suez Environnementsuez65px

Suez Environnement, world leader in water and waste management, meets the challenge of protecting resources on a daily basis by providing innovative solutions for millions of people and for industries. Its contribution to sustainable development includes the long-term funding of all the GoodPlanet Foundation projects.


The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) is a French public research organisation under the guardianship of the Ministry of Education and Research. It comprises 26 000 people, working in more than 1100 laboratories across the country.

The New Scientist

The New Scientist is a British weekly science magazine. Founded in 1956 and based in London, it also has a North American and an Australian edition. It is published by Reed Business Information, a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier.

Agence France Presse (AFP)

L’Agence France-Presse (AFP) is one of the three biggest news agencies in the world. Created in 1835, it provides quick, reliable and comprehensive information on events that shape the international news – from wars and political conflicts, over sport, the arts and health, to technology, the sciences etc… Today, it has 2900 employees of 81 nationalities in 165 countries, who report in six languages on the news of the world, 24 hours a day, via video, text, photographs, multimedia and computer-based chanels.

Université de Plymouth (UoP)

The University of Plymouth, founded in 1862, is one of Great Britain’s largest universities. It has 30 000 students and 3000 staff and lecturers.

ENS Lyon

The Ecole Normale Supérieur de Lyon (ENS-Lyon) is a hub of innovation and reactivity in research and teaching where researchers, teacher-researchers and students mix on a day-to-day basis. The university has 868 students, of which 185 are PhD candidates, 278 researchers and teacher-researchers and came 11th in a ranking of most citations of teacher-researchers of the world’s top 200 universities.

Université Toulouse II – Le Mirail (UTM)

The University of Toulouse II – Le Mirail (UTM) accomodates more than 24 000 students in three main branches of education: human and social sciences, the arts, Language and Literature, Science, Technology and Health. The UTM has cast its educational net wider into the whole Midi-Pyrénées region. It is one of six founding members of the Centre for Advanced Research and Teaching (Pôle de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur) “Université de Toulouse”. The UTM also has 25 research teams, a university press (Presses Universitaires, or PUM) and, as part of its international relations, has campuses in Malasia, Poland, Spain, Vietnam and Bulgaria.

The UTM’s department of geography, construction and the environment of – one of’s partners – is one of the most important in France in terms of student numbers. It offers university education in the fields of geography and applied geography (urban and rural development, territorial development, geomatics…).


The CIDCE is a voluntary association founded in 1982, and is made up of specialists in environmental law and provides consultancy to the Council of Europe and as part of its verious conventions, in partnership with the CNRS and the INRA.



Adobe is a computer software company headquartered in California. Its most famous software are Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat, but Adobe also sells Flash and Flex players intended to rich internet interface. Adobe has granted us with a free license for Flex 3.0 software, used for the 3D (the globe) and 2D graphics (the interactive map) of this site.


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