It’s World Vegetarian Day

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ItÂ’s World Vegetarian Day

SPAIN, Barcelona : Activists from Anima Naturalis protest against animal slaughter for meat production during the “day without meat”, 20 March 2007 in central Barcelona. Sign reads, “Animals are not food. Think before you eat”. © AFP PHOTO/LLUIS GENE

October the 1st is World Vegetarian Day, kick starting Vegetarian Awareness Month. The North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) first launched this awareness campaign in 1977 to inform the public about how vegetarianism benefits humans, other animals and the planet.

World Vegetarian Day was established as an annual celebration to promote the benefits of vegetarianism worldwide. Going veggie can indeed be good for both our physical and mental health according to Science Daily. Vegetarian diets are associated with low blood pressure and cholesterol, better heart health and even lower rates of cancer notes Sciences Daily. The American Dietetic Association even published a report in 2009 lauding the benefits of a vegetarian diet. The report noted that well planned vegetarian diets were appropriate for all stages of life, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy… It may well make us happier as well as a study published in the Nutrition Journal found that “vegetarians reported significantly less negative emotion than omnivores”.

Six percent of the American population claim to be vegetarians today according to the Huffington Post. Whether you choose to stay away from bacon and steak or not over the coming month, you can join in the debate and discuss how good or bad vegetarianism is for our health, that of animals and that of the planet.

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