Free Apps Drain Smartphone Energy On ‘Advertising Modules’

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Des applications gratuites pour smartphone voraces en énergie

Angry Birds, l’une des applications étudiées, elle es tsoupçonnée d’employer 75% de l’énergie qu’elle utilise pour envoyer de la pub à l’utilisateur. © ullivan/Getty Images/AFP

Researchers have shown that popular free smartphone apps spend up to 75 percent of their energy tracking the user’s geographical location, sending information about the user to advertisers and downloading ads.

“It turns out the free apps aren’t really free because they contain the hidden cost of reduced battery life,” said Y. Charlie Hu, a Purdue University professor of electrical and computer engineering.

Because smartphone batteries must be small and lightweight, power consumption is a major issue, the researcher said. He has led work to create a new tool called eprof — for energy profiler — to analyze how much energy a smartphone app consumes.

New findings show that 65 percent to 75 percent of the energy used to run free apps is spent for advertising-related functions

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