Ships won’t be able to ‘de-flag’ before dismantling

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L’Europe veut renforcer ses lois contre le démantèlement illégal des navires

Le porte-avion Clémenceau dont le démantelement en Asie avait été empeché par la Cour Suprême d’Inde © AFP PHOTO MARCEL MOCHET

Commission insists new rules will prevent de-flagging before shipbreaking.

The European Commission has said that new rules proposed today (23 March) for tighter restrictions on how and where EU shipowners can dismantle their vessels will combat the practice of ‘de’flagging’ – which owners are using to avoid current rules.

Under the current waste-shipment regulation, EU-flagged ships cannot be exported for dismantling. But owners avoid this rule by switching ships’ flags to a non-EU country before it is decommissioned. The new regulation would take ships out of the waste-shipment regulation and create new rules.

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