Organic farmers take on Monsanto over patent lawsuits

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After years of taking farmers to court to assert their patent rights, agri-giantMonsanto being sued by farmers. Lots of farmers.

Judge Naomi Buchwald heard oral arguments Jan. 31 in federal district court in Manhattan on OSGATA et al. vs Monsanto, the latest courtroom action on a suit filed almost a year ago. Responding to what they say is a climate of fear created by Monsanto’s long series of patent infringement lawsuits, a group representing as many as 25% of the nation’s organic farmers (as well as other non-organic farmers) have sued the global biotech company to allow them to grow in peace.

The innovative suit is brought under the Declaratory Judgment Act, which allows for a preemptive judgment that would clear farmers of infringement suits before they even grow their plants.

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