Weed Threatens Indian Rhino’s Last Refuge

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Les mimosas futurs tueurs de rhinocéros en Inde

Des gardes du parc national de Kaziranga dans l’état d’Assam examinent un rhinocéros braconné en février 2010 © AFP PHOTO/STR

While shoot-at-sight orders are now effectively keeping rhinoceros poachers at bay, an aggressive weed is threatening the one-horned ungulate in one of its last retreats – the Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in eastern Assam state.

Originally introduced in the tea gardens surrounding the KNP as a nitrogen-fixer, mimosa (Mimosa diplotricha) has spread through the 430 sq km park, edging out the tall grasses on which the rhino and other herbivorous wildlife feed.

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