Dust from Industrial-Scale Processing of Nanomaterials Carries High Explosion Risk

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Les poussières de nano-particules hautement explosives ?

Un silo de céréales qui a explosé à Latakia en Syrie en décembre 2005 © AFP PHOTO/HO/SANA

With expanded industrial-scale production of nanomaterials fast approaching, scientists are reporting indications that dust generated during processing of nanomaterials may explode more easily than dust from wheat flour, cornstarch and most other common dust explosion hazards.

Their article in ACS’ journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research indicates that nanomaterial dust could explode due to a spark with only 1/30th the energy needed to ignite sugar dust — the cause of the 2008 Portwentworth, Georgia, explosion that killed 13 people, injured 42 people and destroyed a factory.

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