Climate coverage down again in 2011

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De moins en moins d’articles à propos du réchauffement climatique

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Media coverage of climate change continued to tumble in 2011, declining roughly 20 percent from 2010’s levels and nearly 42 percent from 2009’s peak, according to analysis of’s archive of global media.

The declining coverage came amid bouts of extreme weather across the globe – historic wildfires in Arizona, drought in Texas, famine in the Horn of Africa – and flashes of political frenzy. Australia’s approval of a carbon tax, the U.S. presidential election, a Congressional inquiry into the failed solar startup Solyndra all generated significant coverage within the mainstream press, but it was not enough to stem the larger trend.

“If you thought last year … was the year that media coverage collapsed, the headline this year would be ‘What coverage???’ ” said Robert Brulle, a professor of sociology and environmental science at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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