Naval base plan stokes conflict on Jeju

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Mobilisation contre une base navale sur l'île paradisiaque de Jeju

Pont de Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam, Corée du Sud (34°55’ N – 128°03’ E). © Yann Arthus-Bertrand

JEJU, South Korea – The way South Korean naval officers describe the base under construction on the south side of this “island of peace”, it’s going to be a port of call for giant cruise vessels as much as a haven for warships.

No way, said Rear Admiral Koo Ok-hyoe, deputy chief of naval operations, could one of those enormous American aircraft carriers dock here. “The base is not large enough to accommodate a carrier group,” he said at a briefing in Seoul, not explaining how, then, a cruise ship of about the same tonnage and length as a carrier will be able to dock with no problem.

Such anomalies as that one help to explain why protesters

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