NIMBY Protests Threaten Germany’s Energy Revolution

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Les NIMBY, potentiel frein au développement des énergies renouvelables en Allemagne ?

Une éoliennne lors d’une éclipse en 2003 près de Munich Allemange © AFP/DDP

In the aftermath of Fukushima, Germany is pushing ahead with a transition to renewable energy. The energy revolution will only work if massive new power lines are built across the country, but the “energy autobahns” are facing resistance from all sides.

The black stork, ciconia nigra, is very shy, especially during the spring. Nobody can say with certainty whether it will return to the same place, safe and sound, after wintering in Africa. For example, it is impossible to tell whether it will build its nest in a particular tree in Germany’s Münden Nature Park in the state of Lower Saxony, near the town of Laubach. Neither can it be predicted whether a female will be there, nor whether there will be offspring as during the previous year.

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