GUATEMALA Legal Battle Over Wetland Oil Drilling

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Bataille judiciaire pour arrêter un forage pétrolier dans une zone humide d’Amérique Centrale

Un écologiste manifeste à Guatemala City déguisé en papillon contre l’exploitation du pétrole dans le parc national Laguna Del Tigre en 2000 © AFP PHOTO/Fernando MORALES

The 15-year extension of an oil-drilling contract in Guatemala’s Laguna del Tigre National Park, one of Central America’s most important wetlands, has triggered a legal fight against the government’s decision, a battle waged by activists, academics and even government agencies.

Their major legal offensive will be a lawsuit against the Guatemalan government, on charges of establishing an oil company in violation of the 2004 Free Trade Agreement signed by the United States, Central America and Dominican Republic, according to Rafael Maldonado, with the non- governmental Legal, Environmental and Social Action Centre (CALAS).


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