On Clean Energy, China Skirts Rules

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Politique commerciale agressive de la Chine sur les énergies renouvelables

Une employée présente un panneau solaire portatif pour PC portables en Chine © AFP PHOTO / MIKE CLARKE

Until very recently, Hunan Province was known mainly for lip-searing spicy food, smoggy cities and destitute pig farmers. Mao was born in a village on the outskirts of Changsha, the provincial capital here in south-central China.

Now, Changsha and two adjacent cities are emerging as a center of clean energy manufacturing. They are churning out solar panels for the American and European markets, developing new equipment to manufacture the panels and branching into turbines that generate electricity from wind. By contrast, clean energy companies in the United States and Europe are struggling. Some have started cutting jobs and moving operations to China in ventures with local partners.

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