Secret titanium mine threatens Cambodia’s most untouched forest

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Une mine de titanium menace une forêt primaire cambodgienne

Phnom Penh, CAMBODGE: Un cambodgien navigue sur une rivière dans le district de Anlong Veng. 24 juin 2006. AFP PHOTO / TANG CHHIN SOTHY

Although the mining consortium, United Khmer Group, has been drawing up plans to build a massive titanium mine in a Cambodian protected forest for three years, the development did not become public knowledge until rural villagers came face-to-face with bulldozers and trucks building access roads. Reaction against the secret mine was swift as environmentalists feared for the impacts on wildlife and the rivers, local villagers saw a looming threat to their burgeoning eco-tourism trade, and Cambodian newspapers began to question statements by the mining corporation. While the government has suspended the roadwork to look more closely at the mining plans, Cambodians wait in uncertainty over the fate of one of most isolated and intact ecosystems in Southeast Asia: the Cardamom Mountains.


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