Hydroelectric dams pose threat to tribal peoples, report warns

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Les barrages hydroélectriques géants menacent les peuples indigènes dans le monde

GHANA, AKOSSOMBO : Vue du barrage hydroélectrique, le 09 mai 2001 à Akossombo (80 km au nord d’Accra). Inauguré en 1965 ce barrage fournit la quasi-totalité de l’énergie du Ghana produit près de 1 millard de KWH. (FILM) AFP PHOTO ISSOUF SANOGO

Dams in Brazil, Ethiopia and Malaysia will force people off land and destroy hunting grounds, says Survival International

Giant hydroelectric dams being built or planned in remote areas of Brazil, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Peru and Guyana will devastate tribal communities by forcing people off their land or destroying hunting and fishing grounds, according to a report by Survival International today.


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