UK may have to import rubbish for incinerators

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Pénurie de déchets à incinérer au Royaume-Uni, incinération financement, développement durable, recyclage

FRANCE, Fos-sur-Mer : Vue prise le 7 janvier 2010 de la fosse de déchargement des déchets de l’incinérateur de Marseille à Fos-Sur-Mer. AFP PHOTO / PATRICK VALASSERIS

Environmental groups are demanding an end to the building of new waste incinerators, which they say will undermine recycling. Experts question whether Britain will produce enough household waste to fuel energy-from-waste plants as the country improves its recycling efforts. And they warn that waste will have to be diverted from sustainable recycling schemes or imported from elsewhere to keep a rash of new planned waste incinerators working.

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