MEXICO-US Shrimp Caught Up in Environmental Restrictions

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espèces menacées ; tortues marines

Les Etats-Unis ont décidé d’interdire les importations de crevette en provenance du Mexique en raison du trop grand nombre de tortues marines prises involontairement dans les filets des pêcheurs mexicains © AFP PHOTO MYCHELE DANIAU

By the time the shrimp season opens again in the fall, Mexico’s fleet hopes to have regained certification to export shrimp harvested on the open sea to the United States, which it lost Tuesday. To do so, shrimpers will have to prove they meet sea turtle protection standards.

The U.S. government announced in late March that it would withdraw the certification because the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service determined that Mexico’s turtle excluder devices (TEDs) no longer lived up to U.S. standards.


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