A Plastic Meltdown? The Rise of Bio-Packaging

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L’émergence des emballages plastiques renouvelables

Une travailleuse indienne dans une décharge de déchets plastiques à Munbai en inde © AFP PHOTO/ Pal PILLAI

U.S. companies are researching sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging which could lead to a growing trend, according to New Scientist. Unsustainable and sourced from carbon-emitting fossil-fuels, plastic materials are produced to package everything from food to consumer goods at almost a quarter billion tons globally each year. Yet, through a process of genetically engineering plants, U.S.-based Metabolix hopes to develop a new approach to packaging known as ‘bioplastics’. Another U.S. based company, NatureWorks, is developing an approach to utilize agricultural waste as an alternative to fresh corn to produce another form of sustainable packaging. Currently, bioplastics only comprise 1 per cent of plastics used annually, however the market for renewable-based plastic products is expected to increase two-fold by the year 2012

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