It is too late to be pessimistic

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il est trop tard pour être pessimiste

Al Gore wrote that “Each of us can change the way we live our lives and thus become part of the solution”. Fighting global warming means feeling responsible for the planet’s future, and deciding to act conscientiously in all areas of one’s life. We must each find our way of doing this which is why there is no one single method.

There are as many solutions as there are ways to tackle the problem. An individual can significantly reduce his/ her greenhouse gas emissions proportionally by choosing to eat less meat or watching what he/ she buys, for example. Anyone can share his/ her ideas by talking to those around them and on the internet.

Everyone can also increase their ability to influence the course of things by taking collective action, by joining an environmental organisation or voting for parties and candidates for whom fighting global warming is a priority. Obviously, a lot of individual acts only take on meaning in a wider setting. City councils organise collective transport, for example. Governments can forbid incandescent light bulbs or grant tax credits for renewable energy.

On an international level, many agreements on the climate, pesticides, the ozone etc have been signed over the past few years. In most cases, individual action inspires and influences legislators and politicians. IPCC scientists have given us several reasons to act: if we don’t, the planet could become unbalanced. The economists have given us other reasons: global warming will be expensive. Taking the necessary action now will allow us to save money, and even make some. But there is also a moral choice: changing our society so that it will become a world we will proud to leave behind for our children and their children. Lastly, there are personal reasons: Just try it and see.


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