The end of pollution? — new report highlights top 12 cleanups and successes from around the world that may pave the way

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Centrale nucléaire de Tchernobyl en 1986 lors des travaux suivant l’acccident. © AFP/TASS

A new report issued today by New York-based Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland highlights 12 successful approaches in use today to clean up some of the world’s worst polluted places. The results demonstrate that pollution remediation is one of the most effective ways of saving lives, especially those of children. Despite successes, the report notes that pollution cleanup is still just an emerging activity in developing countries. These bright spots in the pollution landscape should persuade the international community to step up funding for similar remediation programs, concludes the report.

The 2009 World’s Worst Polluted Places: 12 Cases of Cleanup and Success)

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