Revealed: the secret evidence of global warming Bush tried to hide

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Arctic Alaska ice melting

Les deux photos, prises à un an d’intervalle par des satellites espions américains, révèlent la disparition rapide durant l’été des glaces de la mer de Chukchi, au nord de l’Alaska. La tendance se poursuit en 2008 et en 2009, précise The Guardian.

Photos from US spy satellites declassified by the Obama White House provide the first graphic images of how the polar ice sheets are retreating in the summer. The effects on the world’s weather, environments and wildlife could be devastating

Graphic images that reveal the devastating impact of global warming in the Arctic have been released by the US military. The photographs, taken by spy satellites over the past decade, confirm that in recent years vast areas in high latitudes have lost their ice cover in summer months.

The Guardian

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