Commission welcomes industry’s commitment to provide a common charger for mobile phones

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Une batterie de téléphone portable. Tout comme Nokia, Apple, LG, Motorola, NEC, Qualcomm, Resarch in Motion (RIM), Samsung, Sony Ericsson et Texas Instrument se sont engagés à standardiser le chargeur dans l’Union européenne. ©AFP PHOTO DDP/NIGEL TREBLIN GERMANY OUT

Incompatibility of chargers for mobile phones is a major inconvenience for users and also leads to unnecessary waste. Therefore, the Commission has requested industry to come forward with a voluntary commitment to solve this problem so as to avoid legislation. As a result major producers of mobile phones have agreed to harmonise chargers in the EU. In a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”), which was submitted to the Commission today, the industry commits to provide chargers compatibility on the basis of the Micro-USB connector. In addition new EU standards to ensure continued safe charger use will be developed to facilitate the implementation of the MoU. The first generation of new inter-chargeable mobile phones should reach the EU market from 2010 onwards.


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