NOAA Expedition Hears Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales off Greenland

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baleine franche right whale north atlantic

ETATS-UNIS, Washington: Cette photo prise le 19 juin 2001 par l’Administration américaine océanique et atmosphérique (NOAA) montre une baleine franche Nord-Atlantique, espèce en danger, emmêlée dans un lourd filet de pêche en plastique au large de Cape Cod, Massachussetts. Copyright AFP Photo / © NOAA

A team of scientists funded by NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research recorded the distinctive calls of endangered North Atlantic right whales in an area where it was believed that the historic resident population was hunted to extinction in the early 20th century. Besides providing a better understanding of the whales, the discovery has implications for future shipping in the region.


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