Armies around the world go green to save fuel – and lives

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armée vert écolo sauver vie énergie

Char US Abrahm, un des véhicules qui consomme le plus d’essence au monde. Haditha Irak © AFP PHOTO/JAIME RAZURI

And the military’s new interest in eco-solutions could bring benefits to us all.

You could, perhaps, call it the “military-ecological complex“. For the world’s most powerful armies are going green, trying to kickstart an environmental-technological revolution in civvy street in the process. Nearly half a century after the outgoing US president, former general Dwight Eisenhower, warned that a proliferating “military-industrial complex” threatened to drive the world towards destruction, defence establishments are beginning to try to help to save it instead. And they have found that green initiatives can preserve lives on the battlefield too. The Independent

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