The landfill harmonic

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The landfill harmonic. © Dan Case

L’orchestre de la décharge. © Dan Case

An orchestra for kids with instruments made from trash? A cello made from an oil can and pieces of wood, that were thrown in the garbage; a saxophone made of spoons and buttons. These instruments are crafted by Nicolas, a ‘recycler’ with no previous experience making musical instruments, who is living ‘hand-to-mouth’ by the garbage dump in Catuera, Paraguay. Inspired by this initiative and creativity, Maestro Luis Szaran, director of “Sounds of the Earth,” formed the ‘recycled orchestra,’ with children living near the dump. “Our main goal isn’t to form good musicians, but to form good citizens.” Now 30 members strong, listen to the sweet sounds of these ‘recycled’ instruments and the hopes and dreams of the children who play them

Source: Dan Case
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