Himalayan Meltdown

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Himalayan Meltdown

Himalayan Meltdown, Gary Dikeos

The Himalaya is made of 55,000 glaciers that contain 40% of the world’s fresh water and form the source region of 7 of Asia’s greatest rivers. However, it appears that the Himalayan glacial ice are slowly and inexorably melting. Changing climate and hydrologic patterns affect millions of people in South Asia. Coproduced by the UN Development Programme, Discovery Asia, and US prodco Arrowhead Films, the documentary Himalayan Meltdown emphasizes the socio-economic and environmental issues generated by the melting of the Himalayan ice.

It focuses especially on communities across Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India and Nepal who will have to adapt, adjust and prepare for the inevitable changes. The people of Asia are answering the call, harnessing determination, spirituality and science to adapt and survive in a face of a Himalayan Meltdown.

Producers: UNDP and Arrowhead Films

Source: Gary Dikeos
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