Reefs at Risk Revisited

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Reefs at Risk Revisited

Reefs at Risk Revisited par le WRI

WRI is spearheading a broad collaboration of leading conservation organizations and research institutes to conduct a global, map-based analysis of threats to the world’s coral reefs called Reefs at Risk Revisited. This update of our influential 1998 analysis, Reefs at Risk — a Map-Based Indicator of Threats to the World’s Coral Reefs, will provide a detailed examination of human pressures on coral reefs, implications for reef condition, and projections of associated socioeconomic impacts in coastal communities.

Using the most recent high-resolution data, the analysis will be implemented at twenty times the level of detail of our 1998 analysis. It will include the same local and regional threats as previous Reefs at Risk analyses, but with two new and important components:

Reefs at Risk Revisited will raise awareness about the location and severity of threats to coral reefs. It will guide effective, targeted and informed action by decision-makers to protect reefs and the broad range of benefits they provide to people. The project will educate policy-makers and the public at large on where to focus energy and resources to address critical threats. Through our worldwide network of project partners, we will raise awareness of policy changes that will promote healthy marine ecosystems and safeguard coral reefs for future generations.

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