Cambodia- Deforestation and Land Degradation

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La déforestation au Cambodge présentée par l’UNDP

It is another corn harvesting season in Pailin, a province in northwestern Cambodia, and farmers are busy harvesting and packing the produce for buyers.

A war zone during the Khmer Rouge era, today Pailin is a major agricultural center where corn, bean and cassava farms are the main lifeline for many residents like Nuon Thol.

This plantation has provided me with the income that I need to support my family and the education of my four children, he said. More than 80 percent of the Cambodias population lives in the countryside and depends on subsistence farming.

But land degradation and deforestation, a side effect of increased farming activity, has become a major environmental issue.

The main cause of the loss of forest is the increase in the population said Deputy Governor Leng Vuth. We now have 70,000 residents compared to 10,000 a seven-fold increase in a 10-year period.

Source: UNDP
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