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Lomé – Togo – des personnes attendent pour voter. © AFP- photo Emile Kouton

This country, with more than 6 million inhabitants, was named after the small village of Togodo, which originally meant “town beyond the cliff” in the Ewe language; now it’s been renamed Togoville. Geographically, Togo appears as a narrow strip of land, 60 km wide and 700 km long, enclosed between Nigeria to the east and Ghana to the west. It considers itself as a miniature Africa. Togo’s capital is Lomé, with 850,000 inhabitants. It is a mainly agricultural country and 70 % of the population lives off this sector.


Bauxite : the quarrying of a deposit on Mount Agou (the country’s highest, at 986 metres) is worrying because it may provoque the displacement of populations, the destruction of part of the fauna, the flora, the farmable lands, not mentioning the waters and atmospheric pollution.

Water access : this problem affects the capital too, and the inhabitants who work on drillings disrupt the aquifer reserves of the coastal basin.

Protected areas : within the 3 national parks, the Keran park includes the Sudanese savanna, where the Kobus kob, buffaloes, the Common Duiker and more can be seen, while the Fazao-Malfakasa, managed by the Franz Weber Foundation, includes Mount Togo.


The “Jeunes Volontaires pour l’environnement” (JVE, Young Volunteers for the Environment) association defends the population and fights for their ‘right to a healthy environment’. JVE is a member of several networks on a global scale, including the African Rivers Network, the Biodiversity African Network, the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, etc.

The “amis de la Terre-Togo” (ADT-TOGO, friends of the Earth-Togo) association mobilizes in support of sustainable development and has a radio station ; it is also part of the Coalition for the Protection of African Genetic Heritage (COPAGEN) which attempts to resist the introduction of GMOs.

The Togo Nature Environment association was born in 1998 to develop volunteering actions.

Terra-Nova is an association focusing on the issue of wastes in Lomé.

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