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Le Kilimandjaro-Tanzanie © Yann Arthus-Bertrand

With 40 million inhabitants, including Zanzibar, this country is bordered by the Indian ocean to the east, by the Great Lakes, notably Lake Nyanza (also called Victoria), Africa’s largest lake. To the north, near the equator, is the Kilimanjaro, which peak reaches 5,800m, but the snow line Hemingway thought would last forever may disappear by 2020.


Water pollution: the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) listed the polluting poisons in most of the cities without wastewater treatment plants. In the capital city, Dar Es Salaam (3,5 million inhabitants), only a minority of citizens have a regular water access; the rest have to deal with water sellers. In the country, tons of obsolete fertilizers flow into the ground water.

Lake Nyanza, Africa’s largest lake, is sick; Too many people use it as a sewer and the wildlife was disrupted by the introduction of the Nile Perch (lates niloticus), a topic adressed in the movie Darwin’s nightmare.

Protected areas: the national parks cover 42,000km2, and among those, the Serengeti and the mount Kilimanjaro.

Global warming: THe Kilimanjaro is covered by less and less snow. This phenomenon is linked to global warming, even though it also is determined by local climatic mecanisms on a different time scale.

Reforestation: while 20,000 mpingo (a precious wood, also called East African Blackwood) are cut down every year to be sold, 30,000 were planted in 2004.

Air pollution: in order to reduce traffic jams, Dar Es Salaam’s downtown is forbidden to minibuses carrying less than 25 persons since 2008.


The mpingo plantation was created in the north at the instigation of Sebastian Chuwa and his Black wood conservation association.

In a district of the capital, called Keko Mwanga B (8,000 inhabitants), a stream is contaminated by heavy metals (lead and mercury); Some community defenders created a Water protection committee to increase population awareness.

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