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Tallin- Estonie © AFP Photo Dimitar Dilkoff

Estonia (population 1.4 million) is a country of lowlands with limited natural resources. Almost half of the country enjoys forest cover brimming with game, making it one of Europe’s main wood-producing countries alongside Sweden and Finland. Almost a third of the forests are environmentally protected. Estonia also boasts over 1,500 islands and numerous marshes which, together with lakes, cover 25% of the national territory. The country’s islands and coastal areas welcome aquatic birds migrating between north-eastern Europe and the Arctic.


Energy: Estonia is the only country in the world to use pollution-intensive oil shale for electricity generating. This form of energy leads to erosion and water pollution, and produces four times more greenhouse gases than traditional oil-based generation methods.

Estonia is a high-tech country (Skype and Kazaa were invented here) with easy Internet access. Waste management is also high-tech: two Estonian researchers developed a software program, based on Google Earth and GPS, to map illegal waste dumping throughout the country. The findings were used to help some 40,000 volunteers take action in the affected areas, raising awareness among the local population.


Teeme Ara 2008 is the group behind the waste awareness campaign. Its name means “let’s get it done”.

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