Copenhagen is not the end of a noble idea

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The result of the Copenhagen Conference is disapointing even if for some people this failure was to be expected, considering the poor level of commitments of the countries signatories of the Climate Convention. Many were hoping that on the occasion of this historical meetins in the Danish Capital, each country was going

to table improved proposals so as to unlock the negociations. Unfortunately, it’s the very opposite which occured. But neither the approach: to negotiate within the framework of the United Nations, nor the ambition, supported by the NGOs, of stabilizing the earth climate, must be called into question.

Whereas the scientific community, within the IPPC, was recommanding a 25 to 40% reduction of the greenhouse emissions, to have one chance out of two of preventing an increase of more than two degrees in the mean temperature, never, at any stage of the negociations did the countries concerned announced figures which reached that level. So many handicaps to achieve an agreement which would satisfy the whole mankind! Even Europe , with its 20% emissions reduction seemed to convey to the whole world that climate stability was not the targeted goal. In short, be it the United-States or China, or the oil producing countries, every one of them discarded its responsibility and shunned its obligations.

This is why,at the end of the whole business, there is no victor, there is no vanquished, because were are all in the same camp, that of the losers. No good guy, no bad guy, but a lot of short-sighted selfishness, of generalised mediocrity and insensitivity to the fate of the others. Our common future is founded on the commitments of all, and not on a few statesmen or women, who have shown a singular lack of will and vision. Since the Bali Conference, the NGOs have done a tremendous and long-term amount of work, to convince, to bring together various positions, to defend principles of equity and effectiveness, but these very representatives of the world civil society found themselves excluded from the negociations on the last days.

To the best of its ability, the GoodPlanet Foundation, will therefore pursue its work of informing and educating the public at large in France and throughout the world. so as to mobilise the civil society in its fight against climate change. We shall continue our Action Carbone programme with its dual goal : to fight an injustice by bringing clean and renewable energy to those people of the South who are deprived of it, or to fight against deforestation for the same people.

But we can stille make a choice, even if the international community by not setting any clear and binding goals has made our task bigger, more difficult and more urgent.

We must bring together our forces to obtain as soon as possible a binding agreement which will help us reduce our GEG by 40% and replace most of the fossil energies used today by other carbonless energies.

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