Mine Closure

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Mine closure is an important issue to many governments and to the mining industry. When a mine is closed there can be serious impacts on the local community. In many cases the mine has been a major economic player in the region providing substantial fiscal revenue and many social services to the local community. The closure of a mine raises concern about the ongoing environmental management of the mine, unemployment, and the continuation of social services (such as water, power, and health care) .

The World Bank Group has been active in mine closure through the coal mine restructuring operations in the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. These operations are generally concerned with both physical closure in an environmentally acceptable manner and with mitigating the social impact of closure on the workforce and community. (…) It is clear that planning for mine closure will not only help mitigate negative impacts but can also create opportunities to bring positive benefits to the local community (…).

Mine Closure

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