Climate Change 2001: Synthesis Report

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Nuclear energy is a technology that has been deployed for several decades in many countries. However, a number of factors have slowed the expansion of nuclear power, including: (a) hostile public opinion due to nuclear accidents; and (b) as-yet-unresolved issues concerning reactor safety, proliferation of fissile material, power ¬plant decommissioning, and long-¬term disposal of nuclear waste, as well as, in some instances, lower-¬than-¬anticipated levels of demand for electricity. Regulatory and siting difficulties have increased construction lead times, leading to higher capital costs for this option in some countries. If these issues can be resolved, including inter alia the social, political and environmental aspects mentioned above, nuclear energy has the potential to increase its present share in worldwide energy production.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

From the conlusions of the Working Group III report

Third report published in 2001

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