The Known Knowns of Climate Change

The philosopher Daniel Dennett once compared science to the construction of a huge pyramid. Its base comprises the mass of well-established knowledge – no longer controversial and seldom discussed outside academia. More recent research is piled toward the [...]

nucleaire energie du futur

Nucelar power’s Renaissance in reverse

Les hausses astronomiques des frais d’entretien et, dans un grand nombre de cas, les coûts de mise à niveau dictés par la catastrophe de Fukushima, s’avèrent dévastateurs pour l’industrie nucléaire : l’énergie nucléaire est en fait en train de vivre une « [...]

Starved for Science

In the Mekong Delta, farmers obtain 6-7 tons of rice per hectare in dry seasons and 4-5 tons per hectare in wet seasons, using fast-maturing rice varieties that allow up to three consecutive yields annually. By contrast, West African rice farmers harvest [...]


The Misplaced War Against Fire

Paradoxically, it is likely that there is not enough fire on the planet; but, thanks to fossil fuels, there is certainly too much combustion. Overall, the developed world has too few good fires, and the developing world has too many bad ones. Nearly every [...]

Why Pay More?

When Radoslaw Sikorski, Poland’s foreign minister, went to Ukraine for talks last month, his Ukrainian counterparts reportedly laughed at him because he was wearing a Japanese quartz watch that cost only $165. A Ukrainian newspaper reported on the [...]

The Electric Car’s Short Circuit

For decades, the idea of the electric car has captured the imaginations of innovators – including Henry Ford and Thomas Edison more than a century ago. Celebrities, pundits, and political leaders alike have cast these vehicles as the apotheosis of

Stop Paying the Polluters

“When the winds of change blow,” says an old Chinese proverb, “some build walls, and others build wind mills.”CommentsThese same words closed the meeting in March of the Climate Parliament, a forum in Brussels that brought together legislators from around

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Wild and precious

How to save elephants, crocodiles, mahogany or many other species? The GoodPlanet Foundation partners with CITES, the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, which now protects over 35000 animal and plant species. Astonishingly, one of [...]

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