Park(ing) Day

Park(ing) Day

Park(ing) Day was launched in 2005 in San Francisco by the collective of artists Rebar. Since, the movement has uprooted to a 150 towns in 30 different countries worldwide. In 2012, it will take place on the 21st and 22nd

Iroise : the first marine park

One of the main Breton fishing ports, Le Conquet, a coastal town with a glorious past, is known for its crustaceans including crabs and its “noble” fish – skate, monkfish and turbot. It is also a port of call for

Nef : cooperative solidarity-based finance

Since the 1980s, so-called solidarity-based financial organisations have followed the social economy trend and developed outside the traditional banking system. Their aim: to offer loan services to poorer people who are shunned by traditional banks and [...]

ideaas électrification campagnes brésil exode rural  monophasé panneaux solaires


IDEAAS (Institute for Development of Natural Energy and Sustainability) is a non-profit making non governmental organisation in the renewable energy and social entrepreneurship field. The association functions according to a sustainable model, mostly [...]

Certified wood or nothing !

When buying furniture or paper, favour products with the FSC (Forest stewardship council) label. This label, created by the WWF and other organisms, guarantees that the wood that was used came from a forest which was exploited in a durable

Green picnics

To reduce your impact on the environment whilst fully taking advantage of a picnic, think sustainably. For example, replace bottles with flasks and use your traditional dishes. Make a nice tart or a quiche rather than buying ready meals. Use

Change your tuna

Today, to protect bluefin tuna, you can take action very simply by refusing to eat it. And don’t hesitate to let the restaurant owner or fishmonger know that you disapprove of this practice. And there are alternatives as most species

Eating better

Eating less meat is simple. It is good for the planet, for one’s health and for one’s purse. It doesn’t mean depriving oneself but rather to give oneself a treat by favouring quality. Rather than buying a lot of frozen

Green move: Biodegradable cat litter

280 000 tons of cat litter are sold every year in France. In addition to cats’ faeces, this represents a total of 400 000 tons of waste a year (2 % of total household waste). That is a considerable amount!

Poisoned chalices

One often means well when one gives a loved one a gift. But beware, as many souvenirs are made out of wild protected species such as coral, ivory and turtle scales and it is illegal to trade them. It might

To avoid indoor air pollution

To avoid VOCs, avoid combustion (smoke from tobacco, candles and incense). Choose green or natural cleaning products (white vinegar, lemon juice), vegetal paint or paint without solvents and water-based eco-friendly DIY products (glue, varnish). For the [...]

Make your compost

Organic waste, peel, cores, leftover food, coffee grounds can also be reused to make compost. It is easy to create one in your garden and the technique is well-known among gardners. You just need to placethe organic waste in heaps

Getting married the green way

There are a thousand and one ways of making your wedding more environmentally friendly. And each person can choose their own. Printing the invitations on recycled paper, choosing an inn and an organic caterer, a dress in eco-friendly material… But

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