Paul Watson

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paul Watson guerrier des mers

Paul Watson, the sea captain involved in the fight for the protection of whales, has been tracking down whale hunters of the world’s seas for 30 years. The 57 year old canadian activist founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, one of the most controversial organisations for the protection of biodiversity in the world. During his campaigns at sea, he particularly attacks illegal Japanese whaling boats in the Antarctic by ramming them. His ship, the Sea Shepherd, has encountered dozens of ships and his crew have forced 9 whaling boats to cease their activity. The Operation Musashi, which was launched by the organisation in June 2007, has the aim of actively chasing whale hunters in the Antarctic. Volonteers can participate in the organisation’s campaigns.

Photo : Paul Watson, avril 2008 à Saint Pierre et Miquelon @ AFP photo Jean-Christophe Lespagnol

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