Mireille Delmas-Marty

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Mireille Delmas-Marty is a law and criminal science professor. In 2002, she joined the Collège de France (research centre for the dissemination of knowledge) where she currently chairs comparative legal studies and the internationalization of law. She has also been involved in research, notably during her time at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and the Association des Recherches Pénales Européennes (ARPE), which she founded in 1991.

Ms. Delmas-Marty has published over 20 highly-acclaimed books, including Le flou du droit (Puf, 1986), Pour un droit commun (Seuil, 1994), “Towards a Truly Common Law” (Vers un droit commun de l’humanité – Textuel, 1996), and Trois défis pour un droit mondial (Seuil, 1998).

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