Pierre Rabhi

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A farmer in the1960s, Pierre Rabhi confronted very early on the problem of intensive agriculture and was appalled by the impacts of this practice on ecosystems. In the 1960s, he decided to develop, with his wife, an ecological agriculture experience in Ardèche (France). He promoted the principles of agro-ecology in France as well as in Africa. He is engaged in projects supporting the local environment, notably for the rehabilitation of African oases, since 1994, and leads “Oases in all places” movement. Today he directs the Earth and Humanism Association, which fights for the respect of the earth and solidarity. To share his experience, he has written several books including “Sahara aux Cévennes (The Sahara of the Cévennes)” or “la Reconquête du songe (Regaining the Dream)” (Albin Michel, 1995), “Parole de Terre (Talk About Earth)” (Albin Michel, Paris, 1996 – preface by Yehudi Menuhin) and “Graines de possibles : Regards croisés sur l’écologie (Seeds of Possibility: Differing Views on Ecology” co-authored by Nicolas Hulot and Weronika Zarachowicz (Livre de Poche, 2006).

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