Greenpeace makes appeal to Arctic oil whistleblowers

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Greenpeace makes appeal to Arctic oil whistleblowers

Greenpeace activists in Budapest on October 7, 2010 © AFP/File Attila Kisbenedek

LONDON – (AFP) – Environmental group Greenpeace launched a website on Wednesday to attract whistleblowers from the oil industry to reveal risks with drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic.

The site,, is part of the group’s bid to persuade governments to ban oil and gas exploration in the Arctic because of its fragile environment.

Greenpeace is urging oil company employees and subcontractors to provide information through the site if they believe it exposes safety risks that could be in the public interest.

“The public needs to know about the incredible risks these companies are taking each and every day in the fragile Arctic,” said Greenpeace spokesman Ben Ayliffe.

Greenpeace said posters advertising the site would appear in the streets near the London offices of Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell.

In February, Shell put its controversial drilling plans for the Alaskan Arctic on hold for the rest of 2013 after a series of problems with two drilling rigs.


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