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Aviation Sans Frontières

© Aviation Sans Frontières

We saw their aircraft at the end of the film Home, but what do Aviation Sans Frontières (Aviation Without Borders) do? This NGO offers planes and pilots to help people in need.

The story began 28 years ago with men and women coming to the aid of others by air. Aviation Sans Frontières (ASF) each year provides transport for more than 1000 ill children, such as Daryl from Burkina Faso.

Aged one, Daryl Dadjouari could not have the necessary kidney operation in his home country of Burkina Faso. To save him, a support network was put in place to transport Daryl from Ouagadougou to the United States where he was treated. ASF was a vital part of this. Since 1980, this NGO has offered to come to the aid of children throughout the world thanks to its team of experienced pilots.

When they founded ASF, André Gréard, Gérald Similowski et Alain Yout decided to put their passion for flying at the service of others. Today the organisation has 700 volunteers and 5 salaried employees. To provide transport for ill children, medical supplies or humanitarian aid, ASF has two aircraft available, and lends or rents them to companies. ASF directly helps populations in need, but also provides assistance for other NGOs with their missions. When air travel is the most practical way, or the fastest in response to an emergency, ASF is indispensable and incontrovertible.

After a four month absence, Daryl has now returned to his family, and since then he has continued to live a normal life with them. The aeroplanes of ASF are ready to take off to carry out another mission.

Aviation Sans Frontières
Aviation Sans Frontières

Depuis 1980, Aviation Sans Frontières apporte son aide à ceux qui en ont besoin grâce à ses avions et ses pilotes bénévoles. Ils se rendent dans des régions difficiles d’accès pour transporter du matériel médical, des équipes de secours et également des enfants que l’on ne peut pas soigner sur place. Sur la terre comme dans le ciel, la solidarité est le moteur de l’association.

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