Water and rivers of Brittany

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eau et rivieres

Water and Rivers is an association under French law, created in 1969 by salmon fishermen and naturalists worried about the disappearance of salmon from Breton rivers. Originally called “Association for the Protection of Salmon in Brittany” (A.P.P.S.B), it later became «Water and Rivers of Brittany ». The association expanded the scope of its activities to cover all problems regarding the management and protection of water and natural habitats, from the source to the sea. Certified by the French government, the association works for the protection of nature and represents and informs consumers. Water and Rivers of Brittany is based in Brittany and assisted by a team of 15 permanent staff members and around a hundred militants. The association also relies on a member network of over a thousand people and represents 80 local associations throughout France’s western region.

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