Micro-business-school in India

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Mann Deshi Udyogini, in the state of Maharashtra, in India, is a micro-business school exclusively for illiterate women in rural areas. It offers them, entrepreneurial training for small amounts of money which vary according to the length of the training program they choose, irrespective of age or education,. The students are introduced to finance, marketing and communication before being directed to the professional courses which are best suited to them. An exchange program has been set up with Yale and the University of Michigan. The diplomas are certified by the Mann Deshi Sahakari Bank (a cooperative bank twined with the school, managed by women, for women) and by the state of Maharashtra. This allows the women access to bank loans via micro-credit. Since September 2007 when the school opened, 800 women have been trained. 4000 people have indirectly benefited from this.

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